Happy news! We are expanding the High School level section of e-Science, which is also appropriate for advanced 5-8th graders. We’re adding advanced hands-on lab worksheets to many of the experiments so that they are appropriate for advanced kids. The really cool part about these new lab worksheets is that they are real life examples of what you’ll find in college and in the engineering and scientific fields, so you’ll be getting your feet wet and doing the real thing as you work through these. You’ll find data tables to record your results, charts and graphs to plot out, exercises with math calculations, and more. The video below outlines what science your high school topics should cover and in which order. The math skills required to do these worksheets are at the algebra level, with a sprinkling of of trigonometry here and there. And we show you to do everything you need to know math-wise every step of the way, as you need to know it. (If you’ve ever scratched your head in math class wondering what you’ll ever use that for… well, now you’ll know because we’re going to teach you not only the science but the math right alongside it!)

Physics Motion and Forces, Conservation of Energy and Momentum, Heat and Thermodynamics, Waves and Resonance, Electricity and Magnetism.

Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity Atomic and Molecular Structure, Chemical Bonds, Thermochemistry, Reaction Rates, Equilibrium and more!

Astrophysics Planetary Astronomy, Solar Astronomy, Deep Space Astronomy, Special Relativity, Particle Physics

Biology Overview Course This is an overview course for Biology that you can start with before diving into

Electronics Electrical Components, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Robotics

Renewable/Alternative Energy Solar Power, Wind Energy, Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Bio Energy, Re-purposing Electronics into Robots, and more!