About Us

Shoily Foundation Science is an innovative home-school program that provides science demonstration and technology educational activities to students in Grades 1-12 attending designated schools. The primary goal with this program is to inspire the children to involve in science activities, and to develop a long-term interest in science and technology. The schools or group of students chosen have a lower socio-economic demographic.

Overall, Shoily Foundation plan to establish STEM education support to ensure quality education. It aims to eliminate poverty and illiteracy through science education and rebuilding the nation by empowering youth. It is registered under the Canada Corporation as Not-for-profit organization with the Corporation number 1197425-4, by the Government of Canada. The business number is 740107933RC0001.

We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free-of-cost, world-class science education for anyone, anywhere.


Our Programs:

  1. Science demonstration for students (SDS): Our Shoily Science scientists and educators develop hands-on learning modules that are fun and easy to implement which will boost up the encouragement for the students on science. These learning module hands-on experiments will be demonstrated virtually (online stream) towards students or non-students kids. Shoily foundation science development team will give priority to develop the learning modules to best meet the needs of their local community. Shoily Science team design the prioritized lab experiments based on locally available materials. The learning modules should match the school boards existing curricula beside the local community interest such as agriculture, robotics, manufacturing programming and so on. Our shoily science educators are volunteer instructors who are either working as professionals or graduate students in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Shoily Science instructors are dedicated individuals with excellent presentation skills. Educators are continuosly developing lots of online videos demonstrating various science experiments that students can watch.


  • Shoily Science will offer professional development support program for science teachers based on local curriculum. The program consists of a professional development workshop, trainers will demonstrate interactive science experiments using locally available materials that could be integrated into their own classrooms eventually. If the material is truly not available in the closer areas, Shoily foundation will support them to provide them with those materials. These hands-on science-based (or STEM) experiments will be developed by Shoily Science design team to focus on physics, chemistry, biology, material science, and engineering with given priority on available resources. The educators also provide offline support to the attendant trainees in the implementation of the experiments.


  • Shoily Science team plan to reach the elementary and high schools; demonstrate the interactive science experiments to students which last roughly one and half an hour in a week. At the end of the training, students will be given some quizzes and science based competitive examination. The top talent will be given full scholarship support if needs. The financial support will be awarded based on his/her family income and the award will be handed over. In future, Shoily foundation plan to arrange yearly science fair, robotic/programming competition event etc.


  1. Science Kits (Under process)


Science laboratory delivered to your door. Completely safe and designed for home purpose. Parents enjoy spending the time on science with their kids. The experimental tools kids will need to conduct the science experiments. Each science kits will be available on subscription with little amount of money.


  1. Interactive Virtual Lab


Students will experience a new level of understanding science in virtual reality lab. VR lessons and tests will cover the school science curriculum. Students will have a chance to learn science in an interactive lab.


It is a not-for-profit organization, so kind support and generous donation will be highly appreciated!