Science demonstration towards students


Our Shoily Science scientists and educators develop hands-on learning modules that are fun and easy to implement which will boost up the encouragement for the students in science area. These learning module hands-on experiments will either be demonstrated physically in school with multimedia projector or remotely (online stream). Shoily foundation science development team will give priority to develop the learning modules to best meet the needs of their local community. Shoily Science team design the prioritized lab experiments based on locally available materials. The learning modules should match the school boards existing curricula beside the local community interest such as agriculture, robotics, manufacturing programming and so on. Our shoily science educators are volunteer instructors who are either working as professionals or graduate students in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Shoily Science instructors are dedicated individuals with excellent presentation skills.


Online Science Demonstration Program

This program is based on online science demonstration for the students. We develop lots of online videos demonstrating various science experiments that students can watch remotely!